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RIP 19/20 School Year!

In a way I've never meant before, congratulations on making it through the 19/20 school year!  Usually when we say that as teachers, there's an air of both legitimate congratulations and mundane commiseration that we've made it through another school year: Learning and growth happened (yay!), tedious boredom endured (well, not everything is exciting), challenges overcome, and limits both met and pushed.  That said, all of this has a sense of 'one more down, x more to go'...just one in a string of the like.  Regardless of our successes, there is often this sense of it really being nothing all that special...after all, people do it everyday, right?

Enter 2020 saying 'hold my [insert beverage of choice]'. 

There is nothing at all normal or mundane about getting successfully to the end of this school year.  None of our traditional measures work right now.  There were no grades to boost (or destroy) our egos, keep us motivated, or overwhelm us.  There were no ta…
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A Statement Of Our Principles

In This Time...

Words matter.  Anyone who knows me, and has had to endure a long-winded in-person or multi-character typewritten spiel on anything from breakfast that morning, to the minutiae of a Marvel movie, to the justification for an assignment (see below this post), knows that words matter to me greatly, and that it can take me a long time to find the right ones...especially on something as big as the things we are experiencing right now.  And yet...they're failing me in my desire to find what feels like the 'right thing' to say about this moment where the myth of equal rights and protections in our country have been laid bare in a way that has resonated bigger and more intensely than it has in a very long time.

Ultimately I'm a small person in a small corner of the country's whitest major city.  I have been, and remain, phenomenally privileged in my life in every way.  I have had little to no practical exposure to bias, to bigotry, to hatred, or to violence …

A Summer Theatre Workshop Option...

From the emails...make sure to do your diligence in deciding whether this is an option for you!



SSTI Tech Online:Growing Together, While Apart

Troscar Vids and Thanks!

Hi all -

1) Thank you for a wonderful, if unusual, Troscars this year!  Thank you for being the one thing that makes this community so special!

2) If you are a first-time Letter or Thespian winner, make sure to email me your information for what type of letter you need, and your key Thespian info as per the email I sent you (unless you're Ezra or Kyle and I forgot you again, somehow...)

3) Here is the link to my old YouTube host to our 2020 Troscar videos!

Thanks again, my friends!


Troscars Logins!

(Remember, the room won't be live until 650pm!)

From PPS Profiles: WHSTroscars2020

From other emails/profiles:

A few notes on the evening:
-Please keep your camera and microphone off until you're invited
-Set your Grid View to 'Only Show Participants With Video' and to 'Highlight Speakers'
-Please refrain from using the Chat for side conversation once Troscars officially begins until we are done.
-Please admit anyone we know should they be locked out for some reason.



A Couple of Summer Theatre Workshop Options...

Hi all!

Every once in a while, local groups reach out with options for our young artists to continue their theatre work outside the WHS environment.  Even this year, with all of its limitations, there are options for your summer time...see below for a couple of options I've gotten recently:

Bridgetown Conservatory of Musical Theatre
**Posting here is not an endorsement of any particular your research to insure the program fits your needs!**

It's Troscars Time!

For those of you who didn't already know, and for those who could use the reminder, it's time for that time honored Wilson tradition...

The Troscar Awards!
Given the current vogue of doing everything online through group meet apps - I mean seriously, everyone's doing it - I am proud to announce the very first Wilson High School Virtual Troscar Awards!  
We'll be live from our homes this Wednesday, May 27th at 700pm on Google Meet: code WHSTroscars2020
We'll be thanking our current Board, announcing Letters and Thespians Inductions, taking the Thespian Induction Pledge, announcing members of the 20/21 Council, screening the Slideshow and Senior Video, and, of course, THE TROSCARS!
Join us for this Wilson Tradition!  We can't wait to see you this Wednesday!